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Game Competition Evaluation

Thursday’s Game Competition was a success, thanks to all that attended. Congratulations to Andrew and Michael for winning the Counter Strike: GO tournament I hope you enjoyed your prize, which were biscuits and a tin of chocolates, also congratulations to our radio host Steven for winning the Smash tournament that we didn’t advertise but happened anyways sorry, I didn’t get you a prize however you should know your efforts shall not be in vain. We shall be hosting another session soon and I will notify on the website when it’ll be happening.

We also got a surprise appearance from the great Paul O ‘ Lamasey who substituted for one of the missing CSGO players.

For the CSGO tournament there were 4 teams of two. They include…

Team 1: Andrej & Michael.

Team 2: Renato & Pedro.

Team 3: Uan & Alex.

Team 4: Liam & Paul

Team 1 was victorious over Team 2 in the first match.

Team 3 defeated Team 4 in the second match.

Team 1 won overall in a convincing final victory.


Overall, considering this was the first attempt at a CSGO tournament in GTI, I feel it went very well and the next tournament is sure to be even better.