Fifa 19 – Game Review

The following will be a quick, in-depth review of Fifa 19. If you are here because you love football and want to play with your favourite players and enjoy a realistic experience and most importantly have fun, you should click away. Fifa 19 is the most unrealistic football game I have played in 9 years of playing them, Here is why..

I will start by saying that Fifa 19 is not a complete and total failure, as per usual the graphics are the highest quality you will find in a sports game. Also this review will be completely based on online gameplay but everything also effects offline gameplay to a lesser extent. EA sports always get a lot of hate for how Fifa is made every year but even with everything that is wrong with the game every year the graphics are always top notch. Unfortunately that is the only positive about Fifa 19. There was no extensive testing done on Fifa 19 by people who have a lot of experience playing the game, anyone with any sort of experience at all would be able to tell after a few days how broken the game mechanics were. Players scoring from 35-40 yards with first time shots with their back to goal, goalkeepers being manually moved around their goal like they are spider-man and not the first time in the Fifa franchise, zero control of defenders is required because the AI does everything by themselves. Fifa 19 requires zero skill. 95% of games between two users of similar skill is decided by RNG. Basically to sum up Fifa 19 as a competitive online game, whoever suffers the least from broken game mechanics will win the game. The better player will usually end up losing.


Since Fifa 16 was released, I have played over 3000 games of Fifa. This years version of Fifa was made quite simply for EA sports to make money from. There was no effort or testing done with this game. unfortunately this is beginning to become a trend with the Fifa franchise. Each year the gameplay is getting worse and EA’s only focus is the billions they are making off micro-transactions each year with no real competitor to even come close to challenging them when it comes to a football game. As long as this continues to be the case, there will not be another realistic footballing experience again. There wont be a serious change with the franchise until the money stops coming. I have only covered 2 or 3 of the problems in this review. It would take too much time to list everything wrong with Fifa 19. If you want to get better idea of almost every single problem in every game mode here is a list:

Disclaimer: If you still want to play this game after reading this and the list, you will probably go insane and rage like you have never raged before at a video game. Have Fun.

Rating 0.5 / 5


Game Deatils

  1. Name of Company: EA Sports
  2. Release Date: September 28th 2018
  3. Genre: Sports Game
  4. Single/Multiplayer: Both
  5. Platform: PS4/Xbox One/PC/Switch
  6. System Requirements: 44.443 GB install size
  7. Current Price: €34.99
  8. Website: