What to Look Out For When Building a Gaming Computer

Depending on what settings you play at on PC such as 1080p, you can save a lot of money on upgrades if you plan on keeping your 1080p monitor. If you upgrade your computer with high end specs that will allow you to play at 1440p(2k) or 2160p(4k) you will be what is known as bottlenecking your system because your limiting your resolution to 1080p while it could to four times the resolution.

Low intensity/ Indie Games:

For Low intensity/ indie games such as Ori and The Blind Forest and Gris you don’t need high end hardware because they’re not graphically or cpu intensive.

Hardware for indie games:

  • CPU: i5-2400
  • Memory: Corsair vengeance LPX 8GB
  • GPU: Gigabyte geforce gtx 1050 ti
  • Monitor: Asus – VG245H 24.0″ 1920×1080

This is not the full list of hardware for a PC because these are the main components to look out for and the majority of the others are preference based like a hard drive or case. The hardware listed above is relatively inexpensive because this is a PC for non AAA games but you’ll still be able to play them but not at high settings.

The cpu is probably the bare minimum you should buy nowadays due to games getting more demanding but you’ll still be able to use it for low intensity/ Indie games for a few years.

8GB of memory is the minimum everybody should buy if you like to watch a livestream and play a game at the same time.

The majority of your budget should go into your GPU because a lot of games these days give you the option to enhance the graphics of your game and the minimum of onboard memory for games is 4GB for a lot of games.

Since this pc is aimed for people who want to play low intensity games such as indie your most like going to be looking into getting a 1080p monitor to save you money and not waste it on a higher resolution monitor your computer specs cant handle.


AAA Games:

For AAA games Like Assassins Creed and The Witcher they will need higher end hardware due to the density of what’s packed into the game and effects that’s being used to enhance the visual effects.

Hardware for AAA games:

  • CPU: i7-8700k
  • Memory: Corsair vengeance LPX 16GB
  • GPU: Gigabyte geforce gtx 1070
  • Monitor: AOC – AG241QX 23.8″ 2560×1440 144Hz Monitor

With this higher end cpu you will have a lot of head room to play games that are cpu intensive in certain scenes and with this you will be able to use VR.

The 16GB of memory is a standard when it comes to higher end systems because some games can take up to 8GB of memory.

With the 8GB of memory on the GPU, it will allow you to run games at a higher frame rate without any frame drops below the monitors refresh rate.

Since you will have higher graphical power you might think in investing in a higher resolution monitor and refresh rate. With a higher refresh rate you’ll be able to see all those extra frames that you are producing. If your game is running at 60fps and your using a 144hz display you will only be seeing 60fps not 144hz and you’ll also get screen tearing.