Creating An Environment (Unity 3D) – Basic Tutorial

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to create a scene in Unity and create a basic environment which you can then go ahead and work on however you choose.

Step One – Creating A Scene

Open Unity and create a new Scene. Here is how a new scene will look:

Step Two – Setting Up Terrain

Delete the main Camera from the hierarchy. Right Click on the hierarchy -> Go to 3D -> add the terrain.

The terrain will look like this in the inspector. Change the scale and position to whatever you want. The rest of this tutorial will be based of this default settings with some small changes.


Step Three – Importing Assets

To add the assets for your First Person Controller and Environment Right Click on assets -> Go to import package -> Select Characters and repeat this step and select Environment.


In Assets, Go to Standard Assets -> Characters -> FirstPersonController -> Prefabs -> Drag the first Person Character up to the hierarchy and then like you did with the terrain, change the position to wherever you want you want your starting position to be on the terrain.


Step Four – Designing The Terrain


To paint the terrain select the Paint Texture option in the inspector for Terrain. To add a texture select Edit Textures -> Add Texture -> then add an albeido and normal material and select Add as shown below. You can import your own material from the asset store or use the materials imported in an earlier step in Standard Assets. You will need to select the textures yourself:




To start Designing your own terrain you use select the Raise/Lower Terrain option in the inspector. You can Change the brush size to your preference and then can either do a single spot or drag the mouse to do create a larger raised area as you can see below. You can either paint the Terrain before or after doing this, it does not make a difference.


To add Trees to your Terrain, Select Place Trees in the Inspector next to paint texture. Select Edit Trees -> Add Trees -> Select whichever tree from the ones imported earlier you would like to use and Select Add tree as shown here:

To place the trees, Select the tree and click to where you would like to place them. In the example below the brush size was changed to a smaller number to make it easier to place the trees cleanly, you can change the size to whatever you want. Here is an example:

Finally to finish off this tutorial, adding water to your environment. The first step to this is using the terrain editor to create an area that you want to add your water to. After you create the area, drag whichever water prefab you want to use from the assets into the scene. In this example, the water prefab i chose and the scale is changed to fit the area that i created. You will need to do this yourself to fit your scene. Here is an example:


That is it for this tutorial on creating a basic environment in Unity. To keep expanding on your environment make sure to use the Unity Asset Store to download assets or your use your own. This was a very small area it was just an example and is just a base for you to expand on and make your own awesome Creation. Here is the finished version in Game Mode:

Make sure to check out the other tutorials on this website to continue learning about all of the things you can do in Unity.