Guild Wars 2 – Review



In this review I will talk about :

  1. The characters
  2. The map and map completion
  3. Events
  4. Gear
  5. The professions
  6. Dungeons and Fractales

1. Characters

There are different races in this game :

  1. The Charr
  2. The Humans
  3. The Norn
  4. The Azura
  5. The Sylvari

The Charr

They are like a giant cat combined with a wolf, they have different legions.

  1. The legion of blood
  2. The legion of iron
  3. The legion of fire

They live in the country of Ascalon. They hate the humans because they where in a war against them. Humans treat Charrs like animals and Charrs treats Humans like weaklings due to small size and having less physical muscular body ( In my opinion ). They are hunted by human ghosts that they fought in the past and killed which that’s where the catacombs of Ascalon come from.

The Human

They are like us, they are so Humans of course but unlike the Charr they don’t have different legions. The Humans are being constantly attacked by Cantors and also deal with their own problems. Their land has being destroyed by Cantors and also have been attacked by Charr’s before.

The Norn

They are like Humans but much taller and have more physical muscular body shape. They live with a harsh low temperature with snow and ice. Their story is pretty peaceful except that you have to kill a legendary dragon.

The Azura

They are the smallest race in this game, I think in realistic size they would probably be the size of your feet to you knees. Don’t let their size fool you because they are actually the most technological race in the game, they make portals, robots and other crazy pieces of technology. Their story is just about technology that malfunction and makes things go very bad.

The Sylvari

I don’t know much about this race because I never took it but I suppose it is a race made by nature and the story is about the nature that goes wrong.


2.  Map / Map Completion

The map is absolutely gigantic, it is so big that you have the time to be lv 80 and still haven’t finished completing it. To complete the map you need to do all features in the country :

1. The heart quests

2. The point of view

3. Hero points

4. Point of intrust

5. Way points

It doesn’t sound like a lot but it is. In each country there is around 12 – 18 hearts, 5 – 10 point of view, 5 – 15 hero points, 12 – 18 point of intrust and 12 – 18 way points.  All of that is for one country and there is more than 20 countries, I would guess there is 30 – 40 countries.


There are 5 different type of events :

  1. The assault events
  2. The protection events
  3. The artefact protection events
  4. The boss events
  5. The world boss events

They all give you a very decent amount of XP and some money out of it, the only ones that can give you good loot is the boss events but if you want a very good loot world boss events would be better. You can’t do them alone unlike the boss events but you can get very good loot , its just a question about if you are free when the world boss is occurring and if you have indeed that country explored to be able to go to it .


There are many different type of gear and looks. The most important gear are exotic gear, ascended gear and legendary gear.

Exotic gear is what I personally have for the moment, it is not bad as a rarity but not the best. With gears you can go berserker stats, tank stats and many others. Ascended gear is hard to get and is only a bit better, not a small difference but still pretty small. Then legendary gear has the same stats as the ascended gear but with them you can change when you want the weapon stats and they also look really cool but it is extremely hard to get them since you have to craft many gifts to get one legendary gear.

5. professions

There are 9 professions :


Tanking and do physical damage.


Tanking and support.


Poison damage and bleeding damage.


Physical damage and bleeding with poison damage.


Physical damage.


Physical damage.


Physical damage.

8. Mesmer

Physical damage.

9. (my favourite) The revenant

Heavy heal, tanking, heavy defence, heavy damage and support.

6.Dungeons and Fractales


Their are not meant to be done alone, only very serious and powerful players can complete then alone, people that can do that are very dangerous to fight against in  PVP, for example, my character is not fully berserk yet and not full gear either but i can kill any players who doesn’t have the block ability in one hit (Guardians). Although I am training now to be able to counter that block because if they block there is a chance that i get one shot, Dungeons can give you exotic gear by doing them with the rewards that you get, you also get lots of XP, good loot and some money.


Some peoples can do them alone but it would take very very long because the enemies have lots of health so peoples do not do it alone. Fractales is the best way to farm gold and ascended gear but you must be a lv 80 and have at least a decent gear ( full exotic ), by time you will get resistance to Agonie, it makes you take less damage against enemies and bosses.