How to make a Flashlight in Blender

In this tutorial I’ll be going through some of the basic tools I use when making an object in blender and showing you how I put them to use in the video I made on how to make a flashlight.

To watch the Video Tutorial click here.


This is the rotation tool which you can use to rotate an object on a certain axis.


With the scale tool you can increase or decrease the overall size of an object or the length.


You use bevel to smooth out rough edges and you can increase the amount it will be smoothing by using the mouse wheel.

Edge/ face / vertex path:

When you press alt + right click and select an edge, face or vertex it will select the continues path.


If you want to extrude multiple faces at once without them extruding along their own path you can use with the other extrude tool individual faces.

How to make a flashlight in Blender: