Halo Reach – Review


Introduction :

Welcome to the world of Halo, Halo Reach is the 5th instalment in the Halo franchise taking place in the year 2552 at the start of the human and covenant war. The game follows a group of six called “Noble Team” who are destined to “save” reach. In this review I will talk about ….. (Warning Spoilers)

  1. Plot
  2. Characters
  3. Gameplay and Overall Design
  4. Multiplayer
  5. Forge

Review :


You are part of the Squad known as “Noble Team”, your team is set out to aid to a distress beacon at a research base on the planet reach, the task at hand aid the people there in repairing any damage caused by rebel enforcements. However when you arrive it’s quiet there are no rebels in sight and the research base seems to be derelict. Your team investigates the building and you find 2 people tied up speaking a foreign language “saying it’s a trap” suddenly an Elite Scout Team set by the covenant burst out of the ceiling and attack your squad. You lay them to waste but one escapes with a hostage and calls for reinforcements your comms are shot and call out for your own. You come out victorious in the end killing everything in sight and returning back to base with your information. However the fight has just begun a super carrier for the covenant appears in orbit and starts “glassing the planet” (Large energy beam that destroys anything and everything in its path) you are then tasked to aid in destroying the covenant super carrier with “sabres” (space capable jets) you destroy the carrier with a nuke however you lose a team member whilst destroying it. This task is in vain however because this was just a distraction after the destruction of the super carrier the proper assault on reach begins with over 200 carriers showing up to destroy reach. Your task know is to return to “Sword Base” by any means necessary to rescue Katherine Halsey and to secure an unknown package and to deliver them both to the pillar of Autumn.

The story is amazing and has you gripping your controller through-out the game as you never know what it’ll throw at you because they just threw whatever they wanted to as they had the enforcements but it was always kept to a handleable level except for when they started killing of the games characters in sequence.


  1. The Player
  2. Carter
  3. Noble Team
  4. Covenant
  5. Katherine Halsey

1. The Player –

You play the new recruit to “Noble Team”, “Noble Six” your new to the team but have gone through extensive combat and field training so you’re not exactly a trainee. “Noble Six” never talks just fights and follows and grunts when shot or jumps.

2. Carter –

“Carter” callsign A-259 is the leader of “Noble Team” and is a no-nonsense soldier, Carter introduces Noble Six to the squad of “Noble Team”.

3. Noble Team –

Noble Team consists of it’s leader Carter with his second in command Kat B-320 who has a bionic arm and is the only female in the group, Carter and Kat are the only surviving members of Noble Team before the game starts. The team also consists of the Heavy Gunner Spartan-II Jorge-052, A Crazy assassin and master of arms Emile-A239 and a veteran sniper Jun-A266.

4. Covenant – 

The Covenant is an army of mixed species of aliens consisting of the Elites, Grunts, Jackals, Hunters, Engineers, Prophets, Brutes and Drones. The Covenant is hell bent on the destruction of humanity as their spiritual leaders the prophets decided that the humans would get in the way of the “Great Journey” or the covenants salvation as they activate the halo rings. because of this humanity made super soldiers to counter known as Spartans to exterminate the incoming threats and thus the human and covenant war started.

5. Katherine Halsey –

Katherine Halsey the lead researcher into the forerunner species and Doctor of the Spartan Program, is stationed on reach during the game as she is developing a weapon that will destroy the covenant and end the War. (She is also the whole reason there is a halo franchise as she created who the Master Chief became.)

GamePlay and Overall Design –

The Game itself is very different compared to the other halo games you aren’t this tank of a human named Master Chief (John S-117) you are a later designed and less augmented spartan almost a basic soldier soldier. There are more survival based missions rather then just clearing out enemies from rooms. There are also more times when you are in open terrain with little to no cover. Its a lot darker in mood then other halo games as the planet you are on is basically dying and millions are dying because of a war you never started. Everywhere you go there is ruin and death after the first mission and enemies grow stronger in both means of strength and number. Wiping out the Populous one at a time. Overall the Gameplay is fantastic as it tells a story of how bad the war can be when your not the powerhouse of the UNSC aka Master Chief. It gives you a real scope on how people handle the conflict and how prepared humanity was for an assault on one of their military colonies. And its a perfect example of how the halo games aren’t just about running and gunning.

Multiplayer –

The Multiplayer in Halo Reach was and still is amazing, from community made maps to Swat and Infected Multiplayer was almost a game changer for the halo franchise well it did but for the wrong reasons. After Reach halo started to become more competitive rather community driven. I could spend hours sitting at my Xbox 360 just playing infected and swat swearing at friends as they deserved it most of the time. Infected is where there are 16 players and one person is infected they only have a sword where the rest of the lobby have guns (and vehicles sometimes) if the infected person kills someone they join the infected team and the game ends if all the humans are infected or the timer runs out. Swat is a game mode where there are two teams of four and headshots are instant kills which means that if you shoot someone in the head they die immediately and fall to the ground. The game mode only allows single shot weapons for fairness and too add difficulty to the mode. I almost forgot to mention to first iteration of firefight mode where you killed waves upon waves of enemies in a four player team. As a side note Halo 5 is pay to win with its fancy modes.

Forge – 

The most important part of Halo games since halo 3 is forge the ability to create and mess around on maps you make. In halo 3 they released it as a prototyped mode and gave people a limited number of assets but then in reach they increased the number of assets you could work with and gave you the ability to make the objects float in the air and allow them to phase through each other and the environment. They also gave you the option to create maps for specific game types and to create those game types as well so they just gave the community so many tools to shape everything around them and thats why I keep coming back to the Halo games and especially halo reach as it was where it all started unfortunately in the recent addition to the series “Halo 5 : Guardians” they’ve lost a crucial piece of Forge and that was its simplicity and order to it with scripting and snapping objects together. They are both great additions but they are incredibly difficult to use and it just made it so complicated and confusing.

Summary –

This game has an excellent story, has likeable characters, has a really good community driven multiplayer and has a mode that allows people to create and share maps with the community. I really enjoy playing Halo reach and believe that there are many like me when I say that halo reach was one of the better if not best halo games to come out thus far. I am proud to be part of its community and the community should be proud in general of the game they call theirs. I applaud Bungie for this creation and its creations prior to this.

Game Facts –

Company Names: Bungie

Release Date: September 14, 2010

Genre: FPS, Adventure, Space, Multiplayer

Platform: Xbox 360 (with Xbox One Port)

Price: €15

Official Website: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-reach