Using a Layer Mask in Photoshop.

We’ll be looking at how we can blend two images together in Photoshop. I’m also a beginner is Photoshop so we will be learning together.

Layer Mask allows us to control where the two images blend together. So here, we’ll just learn the basics. I will be using these two images below





This image will be used as our background.




  This is the image we will be blending into the background.


These two images should be separate layers




Click the Layer Mask icon to add it to the image that you want to blend into the background

You will then see that it has been applied by the thumbnail in the layer.







Layer masks are a fundamental tool in image manipulations. They allow you to selectively modify the transparency of the layer you choose.  You’re able to control this by the selecting the Gradient Tool from the Toolbar.

The Gradient Picker is located at the top of Photoshop, choose the Black to White gradient by double-clicking on it. This is because I want to keep the Right side of the photo (the part with the girl) visible, so since the gradient will start with black and end with white, I’ll click on the left side of the image and drag the gradient over to the left. But remember to select the Layer Mask Thumbnail in the Layer tab


To make the image blend together even more you can control the opacity, and/or use the Eraser Tool in a low opacity to lightly blend the two images together.

And there we have it! That’s a quick look at how to blend two images together using Layer Mask in Photoshop! If you do try this please share it in the comment section! You’re probably much better than I am!


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