Headwear worn by the video game characters.

 A lot of elements go into creating a design for video game character. One is the headwear, it could be a hat, crown, bandana, helmet or mask. Below are the headwear worn by the most iconic and other video game characters.


Mario Hat(Super Mario Bros)


Credit to The Missing Link/www.mariowiki.com


A hat worn by the gaming’s most famous plumber Mario.


Naked/Solid Snake’s Bandana(Metal Gear Solid series)

Credit to https://metalgear.fandom.com/wiki/


Bandana worn by the main protagonists of Metal Gear series Naked(Big Boss) and Solid Snake. In MGS series bandana is often an unlockable item which grants player infinite ammo.


Master Chief’s Helmet VI (Halo series)

Credit to TheEliteBrit/reddit.com


There are quite a few variations of Master Chief’s helmet, but the most iconic is his Mark VI helmet which he wore during Halo2/Halo3 events. And from the recent trailers, this helmet is making a comeback in the upcoming Halo Infinite.


Silver Knight’s Helmet (Dark Souls series)

Credit to Handsome Devl/darksouls.fandom.com


There are many helmets to be found in the first Dark Souls game. Silver/Black Knights helmets are one of the most memorable. Honourable mention to: Oscar’s( Knight of Astora), Artorias The Abysswalker’s and Siegmeyer of Catarina’s helmets.


Link’s Hat (Zelda series)

Credit to Ixbran/ ssbwiki.com

The main protagonist of The Legend of Zelda series. Appearing in near every game with his iconic pointy green hat. Breath of The Wild(Nintendo Switch) would be the first game where Link would be present without his signature headwear, but you can still unlock his classic costume if you prefer his OG look.


Sam Fisher’s Fourth Echelon Goggles (Splinter Cell series)

Credit to ItsxF/ splintercell.fandom.com/wiki


Googles worn by the Sam Fisher. Which are used almost throughout all of the games missions (not as much in Splinter Cell Conviction), the googles feature Night/Heat vision and show the electronic devices.  In Splinter Cell Conviction they have sonar vision.


This is just a small example of game characters wearing a headwear. I’m sure some of the readers favourite characters have some kind of thing headwear. From this we can conclude that headwear: can be useful, intimidating, worn for protection or just to be cool and stylish. Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed it.

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