Author: Andrew Borisov

About Andrej – Author

Hello my name is Andrej, I’m 30 years old.

I’m currently doing a course at GTI in Game Development and Design.

In my spare time I like hanging out with my friends, watch movies, anime, NBA, UFC, going to gym, but most of my time I spent playing video games. I’ve started playing games since i was 8 years old, since the NES era.  I’ve temporally switched to PC in PS ONE era (graphics were way better than any console could do at the time) where i’ve played exclusively Counter-Strike 1.5-1.6 for 6-7 years. Come 2006 i’ve got captivated by consoles again and been playing on them since then. Was playing PS2 (best console of all time IMHO) and Xbox One (now it’s called Xbox original). Then one day I played Gears of War, which made me decide to buy an Xbox 360. I’ve been playing on Xbox live with my profile since 2007.

The genre of a game doesn’t matter to me. I play anything from FPS’s, Open world RPG’s to Shoot ‘Em ups, Tower defence games, etc, as long as the game is good. I also have a mild OCD, thus i always strive to get 100% (achievements, trophies) in my games. I consider a lot of games as an art, in terms of artistic design, sound, storytelling, etc. And also consider the gaming industry to be my passion and I hope to one day work in it.

I’m looking forward to writing game reviews for the Galway Gamer website. (Wanted to make it short, ended up with an essay.)