Author: Liam Burke

What to Look Out For When Building a Gaming Computer

Depending on what settings you play at on PC such as 1080p, you can save a lot of money on upgrades if you plan on keeping your 1080p monitor. If you upgrade your computer with high end specs that will allow you to play at 1440p(2k) or 2160p(4k) you will be what is known as bottlenecking your system because your limiting your resolution to 1080p while it could to four times the resolution.

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About Liam – Author

My name is Liam Burke and I’m 18 years old. My favourite thing to do is to play video games, that’s if i’m not doing anything else like cleaning the house which is not that often. My favourite game is Dark Souls 3 due to the intricacy of the story and the gameplay involved, plus how difficult the game is. I used to play a lot more sports like baseball and football but kept on gravitating back to my room playing games. If I’m enjoying a game so much I usually try and get 100% of the achievements and thats what I did for Dark Souls 3.