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Scripting a Collision ( Unity-MonoDevelop C#) – Basic Tutorial

Unity-MonoDevelop (Scripting a Collision / C#)


Software used and Programming language :


Unity 3D – Free Software Engine available to Create your games ( Free )

MonoDevelop – Mac exclusive software where you can write code / compatible with Unity 3D

( Free )


C# – Object Oriented Language, one of the most common languages used to script actions in Gaming, as well, you could use javascript. But, well, i don’t know anything about that yet.


What’s the tutorial about

Scripting a Collision in MonoDevelop, to use it in your Unity 3D game that you could be working on.

I will briefly explain what each sentence/function/method, everything from the API to the beginning on creating the script, and how you should add it to your game in order to work and make your interactions real, that, in this specific game, it’s a trigger off a GameObject to Destroy himself in that collision.

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